Getting Bed Rails for Seniors


The Transfer Handle installed on home style bed.

As we age, some motions become more difficult. Relying on fragile joints or injured backs becomes difficult and many people need additional safety measures to ensure they can move without risk.

Our bed rails for seniors provide the support, stability, and security seniors need to get into bed at night and out of bed in the morning. Designed for easy installation and use, bed rails can mean the difference between stress-free days and a lot of unnecessary aches and pains—or worse. By choosing the right bed rail for your bedroom, you’ll be able to make moving in and out of bed easy.

Some models are designed for use by a single person, while other more robust bed rails require a caregiver to assist. But our entire selection of bed rails have been chosen because they are effective and budget-friendly. Whether you’re injured, arthritic, or simply want some extra support when standing or lying down, these bed rails are the perfect tool to help you feel  more secure.

Searching for a bed rail for yourself or someone else? Let us help you find the perfect bed rails for seniors and we’ll bring more than just a helping hand—we’ll give you peace of mind. Browse our selection of bed rails today at