Getting Up With The Stander Security Pole

Standing up from the bed, the couch, or even the toilet safely sometimes requires additional support. This transition from sitting or laying down to an upright, vertical stance is often where problems occur. Those who require support during this transition often require a bed rail or handle, which can help strengthen their movement. These tools can sometimes involve another person bringing the support rail to the bedside or other living area. But there is another tool that can be installed quickly, easily, and more permanently that is not such an eyesore and serves the same function.

If you want to avoid traditional bed handles or rails for your home, we have another option that has proved popular with many customers. The Stander Security Pole delivers the mobility and safety users require. This sturdy handhold allows users to improve their standing accessibility.

Your Stander security pole can be used in any room of the house with a ceiling height from 7 to 10 feet. Available in either white or black, you can find a security pole to match any décor. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it’s easy for many people to incorporate the security pole into their everyday activity. Best of all, the Stander security pole installs easily. It doesn’t even require any tools for installation.

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