Portable Bed Rails Keep You Safe On The Go

Whether youíre staying home or traveling, maintaining your safety while getting into and out of bed is always a concern. If youíre looking for portable bed rails, BedHandle.com has you covered.

Stander Bed Side Econorail, model 5100, portable bed rails

Stander Bed Side Econorail installed on home bed.

The Bedside Econorail from Stander is the most portable bed rail in the world. Weighing only 1 and a half pounds, this compact bed rail supports up to 300 pounds. With a simple snap assembly, you wonít need any tools to set the Econorail up and youíll have it together in a matter of seconds.

A no slip grip and safety strap keep the bed rail secure while a 4 pocket organizer pouch keeps handy items close to your bedside. When itís time to pack up the Econorail for your next journey, the carrying case makes travel simple.

This portable bed rail will fit on any size or style of bed in your home. With its sturdy aluminum construction, the Econorail is ready to support you or your loved one.

If youíre looking for the perfect bedside safety rail thatís great for home use and just as easy to pack up and take with you wherever youíre headed.

Learn more about the Bedside Econorail and our full selection of portable bed rails at BedHandle.com today.