Stay Safe With A Bed Grab Bar From!

502 Freedom Grip Plus

MTS Freedom Grip Plus with adjustable height handle.

Getting into and out of bed is simpler and safer with a bed grab bar. At, we have a wide variety of bed rails that give you the support you need. Our customers feel more secure in transitioning from standing to lying down and back again. These tools help you to stop worrying about hurting yourself and start focusing on getting a good rest.

Easy to install and use, our selection of grab bars has been carefully chosen to support the weight of adults and seniors who have difficulty settling in for rest or getting up for the day ahead. Some of our bed rails will help you stay in bed by preventing you from rolling out, while others feature organizer pouches for frequently used items.

Whether you need to fold up your grab bar for travel, or attach them to the bed frame with a security strap, you can be sure that our products will give you the security and safety you need to make bedtime relaxing again.

We can help you learn more about how to choose the right bed grab bar for your needs and budget. Contact our experts today and let us assist you in finding a bed rail you can trust. Browse our extensive online selection today!